What Affects the Cost of Transmission Repairs?

January 26th, 2018 by

How much do transmission repairs cost? The transmission is a complex part, and costs can vary depending on the severity of damage — additionally, old, rare, and imported cars tend to cost more to fix. Be that as it may, we’ve put together some rough costs for:

  • Fixing a transmission fluid leak

  • Fixing a transmission solenoid

  • Flushing your transmission

  • Rebuilding or replacing your transmission

The Cost of Fixing a Transmission Fluid Leak

Transmissions should be sealed, so transmission fluid leaks show that something is wrong. A transmission that runs without proper lubrication quickly tears itself apart, so it’s important to seek assistance right away.

Common causes of transmission fluid leaks include breaches in the pan gasket or an axle seal leak and fluid seepage. The cost of repairing a leak typically runs between $150 and $200.

The Cost of Fixing a Transmission Solenoid

Solenoids control the flow of fluid around the transmission system, but the pressure they are placed under can cause problems. If you notice rough or uneven shifting, your solenoids may need to be replaced.

The typical cost of replacing a single solenoid runs between $300 to $850. You’ll move towards the higher end of the scale when more solenoids need to be replaced, but it’s usually best to have all of them done at once to save on future work.

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The Cost of Flushing Your Transmission

Your transmission fluid will need to be replaced when it becomes contaminated by metal shavings and other detritus. When the fluid needs to be changed, you’ll often have trouble shifting gears and feel that the gears are slipping.

A transmission flush is relatively easy to perform, so it’s also one of the least expensive transmission costs. Expect an average flush to cost around $100.

The Cost of Rebuilding or Replacing Your Transmission

At some point, your transmission may need to be rebuilt or replaced due to the failure of important internal components. It can be expensive, with the average cost of rebuilding a transmission resting between $2,800 and $3,800, and the average cost of a replacement running between $4,000 and $8,000.

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