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Collision Center

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Searching for a reliable collision repair center near you? At Don Johnson Motors, our collision centers in Rice Lake, WI, and Cumberland, WI are the place to go in their respective locations if you need trustworthy, efficient, and affordable collision repair work completed. 

Accidents happen. Let the experts at Don Johnson Motors help you move forward from them, without guilt or blame. With us, your vehicle will be in capable hands. When you trust one of our auto body shops with your collision repair needs, we’ll have your vehicle back into its best shape in no time! Read on or contact us to learn more!

Car accident

Collision Services

What kind of collision repair services can you expect to get at a Don Johnson Motors collision center? We offer a full line of collision repairs to help get your vehicle into pre-accident condition in a timely manner using all the latest diagnostic and repair tools. Need a tow to our location? Looking for auto detailing after collision repairs? Contact us! We’ve got you covered.

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Repair Planning

You know the phrase that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure? Often, accidents happen through no fault of your own. But regardless of if you were at fault, our repair planning process seeks to reduce repair times, so that your vehicle is done more efficiently. We go the extra mile to pre-plan your repair process so that you benefit by saving time and money! It’s as simple as that. Plus, did you know that if your insurance company partners with our repair planning program, you may not have to get a repair estimate? The best part is you don’t have to do anything to initiate the repair planning process! But if you’re wondering if it applies in your individual situation, feel free to reach out!

Vehicle repair diagnostics

Repair Scanning

Repair scanning can be a helpful technology to use both before and after automobile collisions. Here’s how it works: 

  • We hook up your car up to our diagnostic scanning system.
  • Our scanning system work to find faults in any of your vehicle’s systems, such as cruise control, active safety systems, rearview cameras, and more.
  • Scans produce information that let you know if your vehicle has any potential issues post-collision that require repairs or could potentially indicate a total loss.

Request an Estimate Now!

Ready to elevate your collision repair experience in Rice Lake or Cumberland? Trust one of our expert collision centers to provide everything you need! Meanwhile, you can easily schedule an appointment online to get the process started!

A collision center is a little different from a mechanic. They can work on internal issues, but they’ll also fix body and mechanical damage. If a panel is dented or part of the body twisted out of shape, it’s a collision center you need.

How you get started depends on your situation: you’ll either bring in your vehicle after a minor collision or have it towed to us after a more serious incident. Just remember your insurance info and to arrange a pick-up vehicle.

Even if body repairs differ, the process can be broken down into seven common steps:

  1. Estimate: Visible damage will be inspected, the results documented, and photographs taken. Such information can be passed to your insurance company

  2. Teardown and Parts Order: The insurance provider can request a teardown or disassembly of the vehicle to determine whether a fix is economical. If it is, repairs are scheduled and the necessary parts are ordered.

  3. Structure and Body Repair: With all parts received and the affected parts of the vehicle disassembled, technicians work to restore it back to factory specifications. The frame will be made sound and the body will be straightened.

  4. Refinishing: Once structurally sound, the vehicle is prepped, painted, and finally polished to a glossy finish.

  5. Reassembly: All parts that were disconnected to facilitate repairs are restored to their original location

  6. Detailing and Pre-Delivery: Your car gets a wash and a thorough cleaning. All components are checked, and a test drive is conducted.

  7. Final Inspection: All repair work will be explained to you and the final expenses will be detailed. You’ll get to make a post-repair inspection before accepting the keys.

There’s more than one reason why drivers across Rice Lake, Hayward, and Cumberland trust the Don Johnson Motors service center and collision center. We offer:

How Can I Get in Touch?

Our collision centers are open from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, and you can call us at the phone numbers listed below, contact us online or  schedule an appointment online.

You’ll find the Don Johnson Motors Collision Center & Auto Body Shop at the following locations:

Don Johnson Motors Collision Center & Auto Body Shop

721 West Avenue

Rice Lake, WI 54868

Phone: (715) 234-4035


Don Johnson Cumberland Collision Center

1866 Elm Street

Cumberland, WI 54829

Phone: (715) 822-2884

Don Johnson Motors 45.5080292, -91.7657192.