Value Your Trade

Find Your Used Car Trade-In Value

Are you looking for a great way to save on your next car, truck, or SUV from Don Johnson Motors? You may want to consider finding out your used car trade-in value. That amount can be put toward the cost of your new vehicle from us, making our already affordable prices even lower. See what your trade-in car is worth before stopping by the dealership to set up a test drive in any of the vehicles that have caught your attention.

How to Trade In My Car

Trading in a car is actually quite simple. All you need to do is follow our guide below.

  1. Find the value of your trade-in car. Our easy-to-use calculator above is a great resource.
  2. Find out what you still owe on your current vehicle, if anything.
  3. See if there is room to negotiate your offer.
  4. Agree on a price, and sign all of the necessary documents.

Benefits of Trading In Your Car

Now that you know “how to trade in my car,” why is this such a smart choice for many local drivers?

  • It eliminates the hassle of trying to find a private seller.
  • If you love in an area that charges sales tax when you buy a new car, you may only be charged the sales tax on the difference between the value of your trade and the car you want to purchase.

Contact Don Johnson Motors For More Information

After finding your used car trade-in value, you may have additional questions for our finance experts. If so, do not hesitate to reach out at your convenience. We would be glad to assist you. We want to help you find an affordable vehicle you will love for many years to come.