Used SUVs Under $15,000

Think buying a used SUV below $15,000 means making sacrifices when it comes to comfort, convenience, performance, or safety? Maybe it did once, but not today — and certainly not at your local Don Johnson Motors. Our inventory exceeds expectations, and we’d love to help you find your perfect used SUV or crossover.

The Benefits of Buying Used SUVs

From the capability to explore wilder stretches of backcountry around Rice Lake, Hayward, and Cumberland to three rows of comfort for your whole family to the towing power required for a working vehicle, the modern SUV has plenty of strings to its bows. The multifaceted benefits of buying an SUV come to life when you buy a used SUV below $15,000. Fancy avoiding that sharp initial depreciation, reducing insurance costs and monthly payments, and having a rich array of used models from which to choose? A pre-owned SUV or crossover simply makes sense.

With several locations and an inventory of used SUVs under $15,000 drawn from a host of popular manufacturers, Don Johnson Motors should be your destination. Whether you need to talk financing or discuss model lines, we’re always here to help.