Shop for All-Wheel Drive Trucks at Don Johnson Motors

      With leading trucks like the Chevrolet Silverado 1500, Ford F-150, and Ram 1500 offering available all-wheel drive (AWD) systems, it’s clear that drivers demand a little extra capability from their trucks. You’ll find that the benefits of all-wheel drive, and especially of a new AWD pickup truck, speak for themselves.

      The Advantages of AWD Trucks

      AWD trucks use a pair of differentials to split power between front and rear. If one wheel starts to slip, the other three can all compensate to maintain control. Power distribution can be altered throughout each drive to maintain a balance of sure-footed traction in testing conditions and impressive efficiency when the streets of Rice Lake, Hayward, and Cumberland are as pleasant as can be. For pickups, that added traction is particularly useful when you have to tow heavy cargo or carry plenty in the truck bed.

      How does AWD compare to front-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive?

      • For city driving, it is a good idea to opt for an AWD vehicle. City roads accumulate a layer of grease and grime, which can become very slick in wet and rainy conditions. AWD ensures better traction and more reliable acceleration.
      • You can expect better resale value if you decide to sell your AWD vehicle. Many drivers are looking for this feature, especially in colder climates.
      • AWD vehicles deliver better performance and handling. More of the vehicle’s power can be transferred to the the pavement instantaneously. The front wheels are also able to be more devoted to steering.
      • All-wheel drive vehicles have a better weight distribution. This also enhances handling as well as makes the distribution of the stress of the vehicle’s weight on its frame more equal.
      • If you plan to do some light off-road driving, all-wheel drive allows drivers to confidently navigate uneven terrain with ease even when towing, with a vehicle like the capable Chevy Colorado. Even if one of more wheels pull away from the ground’s surface and can’t get any traction, the other wheels can compensate for it.

      Find an Outstanding AWD Pickup Today

      Our new AWD pickup trucks provide added peace of mind and enhanced capability, so why not explore the Don Johnson Motors inventory? We’ve got plenty of options at our three northwestern Wisconsin dealerships. Contact us today for more information. We want to help you find the AWD pickup of your dreams. We also have more details on the Chevy Silverado trim levels.

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