How to Store Your Pontoon Boat for the Winter

September 13th, 2018 by

Winter Landscape

Learning how to store your Berkshire pontoon boat for winter is crucial for a successful launch when spring arrives. As trusted suppliers of new pontoon boats and used pontoon boats, we’re experts when it comes to winter storage, so read on for our tips before the snow starts falling.

Steps to Take Before Storing Your Pontoon Boat for Winter

We recommend dry-docking boats in Hayward, Rice Lake, Cumberland, and surrounding areas. Wisconsin isn’t exactly known for its balmy winters, and ice can easily crack a boat’s hull.

You’ll also need to do the following:

  • Clean Inside and Out: Dust, barnacles, and grime need to be removed from the exterior, and it’s a good idea to create a protective barrier by applying polish.
  • Remove Equipment: Water equipment, fishing equipment, floatation devices – they can all trap moisture and cause mildew. Electronic equipment can be damaged by moisture.
  • Prepare the Engine: Fogging oil should be sprayed into the carburetor and the spark plug holes. Fill the gas tank to at least the 3/4 mark – leave plenty of space for condensation. Finish by replacing your oil filters.
  • Add Antifreeze: Drain any coolant from your engine and replace it with non-toxic, propylene glycol based antifreeze. Avoid ethylene glycol bases – they can release toxins into the water.
  • Remove the Battery: Disconnect the battery and store it somewhere cool and dry. Charge it fully beforehand, and keep topping it up throughout winter.

Covering and Shrink Wrapping

Whether your boat is staying outside or going inside, you should cover it for winter. Moisture can always pool over the cover, so keep it tight and secure. The cover should be properly sized and fitted to your boat, and insect/rodent repellent should be applied to prevent vermin chewing through.

Shrink-wrapping isn’t essential, but it’s the best way to protect against moisture, especially if you’re storing your boat outside. It requires special tools and knowledge, which is why we’re happy to offer shrink-wrapping services.

Don Johnson Motors Will Help Winterize Your Pontoon Boat

Storing a pontoon boat for winter isn’t child’s play. Luckily enough, Don Johnson Motors will help coordinate winterization, shrink-wrapping, or storage for any boat we sold. To find out more, simply contact us today.

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