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What Can You Expect from Ford SYNC Technology?

Ford SYNC technology represents the forefront of automotive engineering. This isn’t just a single feature — Ford SYNC is an infotainment bundle comprised of a suite of amenities to improve everything from safety to convenience to connectivity. What’s more, you’ll find Ford SYNC technology in all new Ford vehicles. But just what does Ford SYNC do, exactly? Here’s just a quick taste of the functionality it offers to improve your driving experience.


What Does Ford SYNC Do?

Ford SYNC technology & infotainment make life on the road easier. Below, you’ll read more about some of the main functions of Ford SYNC technology.

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Hands-Free Calling

Modern technology should keep you connected while you’re on the go, and Ford SYNC technology does just that. Simply pair your phone to your vehicle, and you can automatically download the names and numbers of all contacts, then use voice recognition to call them.

Ford Technology

No-Extra-Charge 911 Assist

Ford SYNC technology extends peace of mind as well as convenience. If you get into an accident, 911 Assist can call for help, even if you aren’t in a position to do so yourself. It’s not a feature you’re likely to need, but it’s one you’ll be glad to have at your back.

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From apps to help you find restaurants in Cumberland, locate shops in Rice Lake, or book cinema seats in Hayward, you can use SYNC to access what you need.

Ford SYNC Apps and Infotainment

Ford SYNC is more than just a unilateral technology program. Rather, it combines things like Ford SYNC apps with infotainment and smartphone integration to provide an entirely different kind of connected vehicle experience. Learn more below.

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Voice Recognition

Voice recognition has become a fairly common feature in American autos, but SYNC technology has raised standards higher. Sophisticated upgrades ensure that voice commands are more natural and can be picked up more easily.

Phone App

Apple CarPlay/Android Auto

Whether you’d like to ask Siri something or talk to Google, SYNC technology can make it happen. Of course, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. You can also access your playlists, send messages and emails, and even enjoy navigation and live traffic information to help make getting from A to B faster than ever.

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SYNC Connect

Ford SYNC technology keeps working for you even when you leave your vehicle. Use FordPass to track its location or remotely access several features, including door locking. You can check your fuel level and approximate mileage, and even schedule when you want it to start remotely.

Experience Ford SYNC Technology With Don Johnson Motors

Ford SYNC infotainment technology covers so many functions that it’s hard to sum them all up in one place. If you’d like to find out more, just contact us here at Don Johnson Motors. From our finance department to our sales team, we’re always more than willing to be of assistance.

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