Ford F-150 Lease Deals in Northwestern Wisconsin

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Offering a best-in-class 13,200 pounds of towing and a best-in-class 3,270-pound maximum payload rating, the new Ford F-150 is a go-to half-ton. As noted by, “the F-Series has been the most popular vehicle sold in the United States for nearly every year of the past three decades.” Our lease deals make the Ford F-150 even more attractive.

The Benefits of Leasing

The advantages of leasing are not hard to fathom. Trucks are expensive, but leasing can cut down on monthly payments and the required down-payment. Trucks can be tough to repair and tend to face tougher conditions. Lease plans typically provide a bumper-to-bumper warranty. Trucks are advancing each year in terms of technology and engineering. Leasing helps you stay ahead by switching up every few years. If you’re interested in a truck, you should also be interested in leasing.

Lease deals are the cherry on top of a truly unrivaled half-ton. You’ll find Don Johnson Motors dealerships in Rice Lake, Hayward, and Cumberland, Wisconsin, so visit your location today to find out more or take a closer look.